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Growing from 2 to 8.5 million page views

IIn this use case, we explain why Zweeler switched to Newsifier and how it helped them grow from 1 million to 8.5 million page views.

You will also learn how Zweeler started new websites that grew from zero to a million page views within six months with the help of the Newsifier platform, generating up to €15.000 of extra revenue.

The problems that Zweeler encountered using WordPress

Zweeler is an online gaming platform that organizes fantasy sports games. It started its first two news websites (about darts) as a side business to generate traffic for the online gaming platform via these websites.

Zweeler started these darts websites on WordPress, but as they grew bigger, they encountered problems with performance, security, and a lack of insights into the performance of their editors.

The darts websites suffered from downtime and slow loading times when traffic peaked around important darts tournaments. Their websites were hacked more than once. This caused a lot of hassle and time that Zweeler could have otherwise invested in growing their news website.

It also took the editors too much time to write rich articles and post them on all social media channels.

Looking for an alternative for WordPress

So Zweeler was looking for a solution that would help:

-To prevent downtime or pages loading slowly during big traffic peaks.

-Taking away the technical hassle of running a publishing company. They didn't want to worry about the technical aspects of their business anymore. But just focus on growing their news websites.

-Let their editors work more effectively, so they would have to spend less time publishing new articles and sharing them on all social media channels.

-Get more insights into the performance of their editors as they planned to pay their editors based on their performance.

-Adding new helpful features continuously to their websites to always be one step ahead of the competition.

-To constantly optimize the SEO of their websites so they could grow their Google traffic without worrying about optimizing it themselves.

As Newsifier handles all of the technical hassle for news publishers and is constantly optimizing all news websites on its platform with new features and SEO updates, Zweeler decided to switch from WordPress to Newsifier.

The switch to Newsifier: steep growth and starting three new websites

When they switched to Newsifier in the summer of 2020, they only had two darts websites running on the Newsifier platform, generating a total of 2 million page views per month.  

These websites have grown 50% in traffic since then. But what’s even more remarkable is that Zweeler started three more news websites on the Newsifier platform, generating an extra 5 million page views per month.

The success of these recently started websites makes it the perfect example of the possibilities that Newsifier gives news publishers to start new websites and make them profitable quickly.

The constant optimizations for Google Discover and Google Search combined with the social media optimizations within Newsifier make it easier to grow new news websites.

What does Zweeler say about the switch to Newsifier

We asked the owner of Zweeler what he liked most about the switch to Newsifier. He told us the following:

"I love that I don't have to worry about the performance of the websites anymore. There has been no downtime or slow loading pages since switching to Newsifier"

"Because we no longer have to worry about the technical hassle of running our websites, we can spend more time growing our news websites and starting new news ones. "

"The constant feature updates and SEO optimizations helped grow our publishing business from 2 to 8.5 million page views. The constant updates also gave me the ease of mind that we will always be ahead of the competition".

"The data insights that Newsifier provides allow us to reward our best editors and continuously stimulate them to improve their performance."

"Newsifier helped us turn our publishing business from a side business to one of our main revenue streams."

Are you also interested in growing your news websites or starting new news websites? You can book a demo here.

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Don't take our word for it.

We have asked our clients what they like most about Newsifier. This is what they told us.
"Migrating our website to Newsifier has been the best decision we ever made. We have grown exponentially since switching, and our website and mobile apps can handle up to 35 million page views per month with ease now."
Owner FR12
"The constant feature updates and SEO optimizations helped grow our online publishing business internationally. The constant updates let us always be one step ahead of the competition."
Henno Lubbers
CEO Zweeler
“Using Newsifier has helped us break our all-time traffic record within one year of migrating our website to their CMS. What I love most about Newsifier is the fact that we spend 50% less time now on publishing articles and sharing them across all our social media channels.”
Steve Abele
Founder VKMAG
“I love working with Newsifier as they are acting as a true partner in growing our online publishing business with us. We have broken our traffic record within 6 months of switching to Newsifier.”
Dimitry Vleugel
Managing Director Androidworld

Let us take away your doubts

We are experts in helping online publishing grow and have years of experience with SEO-friendly website migrations

What is the difference between Newsifier and WordPress?

The main difference between Newsifier and WordPress is that WordPress is a general CMS that is a one-size-fits-all solution for business websites, E-commerce companies, bloggers, etc.

Newsifier is a CMS that is 100% specialized for online news publishers and has a lot of built-in publisher tools that guarantee month-on-month traffic growth.

Another big difference is that with WordPress you have to take yourself of software updates and hosting. Newsifier includes scaled hosting and has weekly SEO, security, and feature updates.

These weekly updates make it ideal for online publishers who want to grow their business without worrying about performance, hosting, SEO, and security updates.

Will we not be 'locked in' if we migrate our website to Newsifier?

No, your website is not 'locked in' when you migrate to Newsifier.

We like to emphasize that our clients will always own all their data and that we do not limit their possibility to migrate to another platform in the case they want to leave Newsifier.

Because of this we also explicitly stated in our general terms that we are obliged to help you migrate for free to another platform if you wish to leave Newsifier.

We want to keep you as a client for Newsifier with our superior CMS and service and not by preventing you to leave us.

What happens with our current built-up Google rankings when we migrate our website to Newsifier?

We have many years of experience in SEO-friendly migrations and always ensure existing Google rankings will not be hurt by the migration of your content to our system.

We have developed a special redirect manager to ensure all exisiting pages will be indexed in the same way as before the migration by the search engines.

What happens with the design of our website when we migrate to Newsifier?

We have an extensive library with mobile-optimized templates and components that can be used or adjusted to fit your design needs.

Alternatively, we can also make a custom design that fits your preference.

So to summarize, you have total freedom in getting the perfect design for your website.

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