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Newsifier was born out of the frustration of working with WordPress or building your own custom CMS

We decided to build a CMS that is 100% specialized for modern online publishers.

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Making online publishing easier and more profitable

Founded for publishers by publishers
Newsifier was founded by Gerard Kijlstra and Erik Bruinsma. They both worked for many years in the online publishing industry. As an owner of the biggest online sports publisher in the Netherlands (Gerard) and as an IT partner (Erik) of news websites.

The hassle of keeping your website up to date
They experienced firsthand that keeping your news website up to date with all the latest online publishing trends and developments is a hassle, like changes to the Google Algorithm or changing Facebook policies. The constant need to build new features, maintain all code, get security updates and stay ahead of the competition is not only a hassle for many publishers but also really expensive.

A CMS 100% specialized for modern online publishers
They experienced that using a CMS like  WordPress doesn't meet the need of modern online publishers, while building a custom CMS yourself can get really expensive. These experiences led to the development of Newsifier. A CMS that is 100% specialized for online publishers and which makes online publishing easier and more profitable.
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