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Grow the traffic and revenue of your publishing business with the unique features of Newsifier

Rank number 1 in Google with our built-in SEO tools

Our CMS is fully SEO optimized to make sure your content ranks high in the Google Search, Google News and Google Discover
We provide weekly SEO updates to follow Google's guidelines and algorithm changes
You can change the Meta and Title description for every page with and see the Google Preview
Our editor comes with automatic smart internal linking and SEO suggestions
Our smart tag and category system ensures a content structure that is optimized for SEO

Grow your traffic with the power of AI

Use AI to write optimized SEO content that ranks in Google Search and Google Discover
Get AI-powered headline suggestions for optimized headlines that drive traffic
Optimize all your Meta and Title descriptions on autopilot using AI
Crack the Google Discover code and let AI show you which topics to write about to get more Google Discover traffic
Use our AI community building tool to build up a community of registered and returning users

Natively launch segmented newsletters

Send newsletters straight from within the CMS. No more making templates or exporting contacts to an external newsletter provider
Engage your visitors with segmented newsletters targeted on their interests. Create an unlimited number of newsletters
Let your readers subscribe to the segmented newsletter straight from within relevant articles means x10 subscribers and higher engagement
Send an unlimited of newsletters on autopilot. Spend 2 minutes per day sending your newsletters instead of 2 hours

Paid articles and premium memberships

Make your best articles paid to add new revenue streams
Use our data-driven premium membership feature to maximize conversion from visitor to paid member
Strategically offer paid newsletters to the right audience. Deliver valuable, relevant content that earns revenue

Advanced advertising manager for maximum Ad revenue

Advanced Advertising Manager maximizes ad revenue by A/B testing different ad networks and positions
Use custom advertising option as a smart bar and pop-up that you can turn on and off for your own promotion
Increase revenue with our native advertorial feature

Get an extremely fast website

Automatically converted AMP pages for mobile for fast-loading mobile pages
Optimal page caching ensures optimum page speed
All images are compressed and served through a CDN to ensure optimum loading and minimal delay