Newsifier for Tech and Gaming PublisherS

Offer your readers a geek-worthy experience

Allow your readers to comment, discuss, and review products or games. Increase your traffic and automate editorial work with AI — all that, and much more, within Newsifier CMS.

Newsifier makes tech & gaming publishing easy and profitable

Traditional CMS is broken
The Newsifier Advantage
Your current CMS solution isn’t built for tech & gaming publishing companies
Newsifier is 100% designed with tech & gaming publishers in mind
There is a constant pressure of needing SEO, code and security updates
Newsfier takes care of updating code, SEO updates, launching new features and other technical work for you
Require an army of developers to build new features your users want
Includes features like product reviews, collections or segmented newsletters, and new features are released continuously
Traffic peaks make your website become slow or go down 
Zero downtime or slow page speed with Newsifier’s Unique Scaled Hosting
Launching mobile apps is a headache
Launch native apps on iOS and Android to reach your readers 24/7
Publishing articles and sharing them on all social media channels takes too much time
Publish and share your articles across all your social media channels in seconds

That’s it? Not at all! Enjoy dozens of other all-inclusive features

Newsifier is designed to tackle the tech, design, and operational challenges of technology news publishers. Stop worrying about page speed or downtime, and make your editorial work easier with advanced reporting and AI functionality.

Explore websites powered by Newsifier

We've created dozens of design templates to make sure your articles get the visibility they deserve. Websites built on Newsifier are fast, responsive and user-friendly - take a look for yourself!

Don't take our word for it.

We have asked our clients what they like most about Newsifier. This is what they told us.
"Migrating our website to Newsifier has been the best decision we ever made. We have grown exponentially since switching, and our website and mobile apps can handle up to 35 million page views per month with ease now."
Owner FR12
"The constant feature updates and SEO optimizations helped grow our online publishing business internationally. The constant updates let us always be one step ahead of the competition."
Henno Lubbers
CEO Zweeler
“Using Newsifier has helped us break our all-time traffic record within one year of migrating our website to their CMS. What I love most about Newsifier is the fact that we spend 50% less time now on publishing articles and sharing them across all our social media channels.”
Steve Abele
Founder VKMAG
“I love working with Newsifier as they are acting as a true partner in growing our online publishing business with us. We have broken our traffic record within 6 months of switching to Newsifier.”
Dimitry Vleugel
Managing Director Androidworld

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Grow your traffic: On average our clients grow their traffic with 35% per year, and their SEO traffic with 47%
Maximize your revenue: Newsifier ensures you maximize revenue per visitor with premium Data and Monetization features
Reduce cost: We'll show you how using Newsifier will reduce your spending on hosting, software development and SEO consultants