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Newsifier helps news publishers to maximize their traffic and revenue. Our CMS makes publishing data-driven and more profitable. Lower development costs, less hassle.
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Don't let your CMS limit your growth

High monthly development costs. Bad SEO. Slow loading pages. Expensive hosting. Low Google rankings and low CPM. Not enough data insights about how your website and editors are doing. High setup costs for starting new projects. A not optimized CMS can slow your business down.

Suboptimal CMS and expensive developers

A lot of the current CMS are not made for fast growing news websites. Good web developers are more scarce every year. SEO rules are changing constantly and Google and Facebook are changing their ranking algorithms all the time. Google Analytics does not give you all the data you need.

Using Wordpress or building your own CMS is not the solution

Wordpress is notoriously slow, not scalable and has a lot of security issues. Developing your own CMS is expensive and constantly updating and maintaining your own CMS means high monthly costs while you are still not releasing all the new features you want. We have been there too..

High monthly costs and getting beaten by the competition

Your monthly costs are rising while the CPM is dropping every month and you are not making the profit you should be making. Our CMS helps you to be always up to date with the latest trends while keeping your monthly costs low.

We offer a CMS that helps you grow and monetize faster while keeping your monthly cost low

We offer a CMS that is tailormade for online publishers and is updated with new features every month so it is always up to date and helps you to grow and monetize faster. And having lower and more predictable monthly costs.

Grow your traffic faster

Our CMS helps you to grow your traffic faster with our special SEO features and options to send newsletters or share your content on multiple platforms with one click.

Lower and more predictable monthly costs

We have spent years in optimizing our system, so we can keep hosting costs low. As we have multiple clients who use the same CMS we can offer our clients monthly feature updates while keeping monthly costs for our clients low and predictable.

100% tailored for the needs of modern news websites

We have used our years of experience as online publishers to build the perfect CMS for news websites. Unlike Wordpress all our features are natively part of our CMS which makes our CMS lightening fast while giving our clients superior SEO results.

Our clients websites grow with an average of 35% per year while reducing monthly costs with 25%

What do our customers say about Newsifier?

We have asked our clients what they like most about our product. This is what they said:
“Our monthly cost has decreased with 25% since we have started to use Newsifier.”
Online Publisher
“Our SEO traffic has grown with 400% since we migrated our website to Newsifier.”
“Our team’s productivity has doubled. The interactive editor makes publishing new articles really fast."
Editor in Chief

Check out the benefits of Newsifier

Grow faster with a superior CMS

Start out small with the simple blog listing until your content is ready to take centre-stage on the full blog layout.

Low and predictable monthly costs

Because of our efficient hosting and scale, we can offer our CMS at a low monthly cost

Get free monthly updates

You receive new features updates and security updates every month

Free migration from your current CMS

Free  migration of your website to our CMS with minimal SEO impact

Specialized in SEO for news websites

Our CMS helps your articles rank high in Google Search, Google News and Google Discover.

Customizable design and templates

Choose from our beautiful news website templates or get your own custom design

Lightening fast page loading

We have used our years of experience in building news websites to optimize speed

Advanced monetization

Earn more money per visitor with our built in features for advanced monetization

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Are you ready to grow your publishing business with 35% per year?

We understand you have a lot of questions and how our CMS could help your news website. With the button below you can schedule a free demo  with one of our experts straight away so we can show how we could help you growing your business.

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