Newsifier comes with tons of features especially designed for online publishers so you are always ahead of the competition. With our monthly updates you are also assured you stáy ahead of the competition.

Rank number 1 in Google with your news articles

Our system makes sure your content ranks high in the Google Search results, in Google News and Google Discover through our built in SEO features. Websites that are using our CMS on average quadruple there SEO traffic within 6 months.

✅ Constant automatic updates to follow Google's guidelines and algorithm changes that affect news websites.

✅ Built in editable Meta and Title description with Google Preview.

✅ Automatic internal linking and SEO suggestions.                 

✅ Clear taxonomy and use of tags & categories
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Get an extremely fast website

We have used our years of experience on optimizing news websites to optimize every part of our system for speed, so you can be ensured your website is always lightning fast even when you big peaks in traffic.

✔️ Automatically converted AMP pages for mobile for fast loading mobile pages.

✔️ Optimal page caching with Nginx Fast CGI ensures optimum page speed.

✔️ All images are compressed and served through a CDN to always ensure optimum loading and minimal delay.

Build a thriving community and get returning visitors

With Newsifier building a community on your website has never been easier. We offer a range of especially developed community features so you can grow your community and will get a lot of returning visitors on your website.

✅ Built in comment system so people can easily comment on your published articles or comment on other visitors comments and create a new account in 2 clicks.

✅ Facebook like community system where users can like comments and get notifications about comments and likes on their comments.

✅ Extensive moderator system to be able to handle thousands of comments per day efficiently.

Advanced analytics features to let you make more data driven decisions

Publishing companies who make their decisions data driven are the ones who grow the fastest. Newsifier helps  you to make data driven decisions every day.

✔️ Get a detailed report about which of your editors perform the best per day, week and month.

✔️ Editors get their own dashboard to track their own performance so they can improve themselves every day.

✔️ See which articles are best valued by your visitors through the amount of claps they receive.

✔️ Get insights in which tags and topics perform the best on your website.

Rich content editor to make publishing rich content articles fast and easy

Most editors we have used ourself in the past were slowing our editors down so we have built the perfect editor with a lot of automization. So publishing articles gets fast and efficient.

✅ Add Youtube video’s, Twitter and Instagram posts etc.  to your articles with literally one click.

✅ Test different headlines with our automated headline A/B test feature.

✅ Share your articles on your Facebook page, Twitter or via Webpush with one click.

Elaborate monetization features to maximize your revenue per visitor

One of the biggest challenges of every online publisher is monetizing your audience well. We have built in features that helps you maximize your per visitor.

✔️ Get an extra revenue stream by making articles paid on your website.

✔️ Send out paid newsletters to your subscribers.

✔️ Test with differents advertisement agencies and ad formats  via our extensive ad manager.

Automatic software and security updates to ensure your website is well protected against hacks and other security issues

Software that is not updated is vulnerable to hacks so that’s why we update our code regularly to make sure your website is secured