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"We have grown our sport websites exponentially with the use of Newsifier"

Valkering Media

Exponential SEO traffic growth with automated SEO optimizations for news websites

How Valkering Media is growing exponentially with Newsifier

Valkering Media started the Formula 1 news website in 2017 for which they used the WordPress CMS. The number of visitors increased every year and Valkering Media owner Sjoerd Valkering became increasingly frustrated with the limited speed of the website and the fact that the website was having downtime often during large traffic peaks. Also, F1Maximaals website hosting costs were rising every month.

Much faster website with Newsifier

In 2020, Valkering switched to Newsifier (which comes with hosting included). From that moment on, F1Maximaal experienced explosive growth. The website became much faster due to optimal caching, integrated hosting, and fast-loading AMP pages.

Newsifiers automated SEO features helped create the best possible internal link structure and dedicated tag pages for the most important search terms. All this led to a huge increase in organic traffic, and the website was soon at the top of search terms like Max Verstappen and F1 news.

20,000 real-time visitors on the website at the same time

The biggest test for Newsifier came when Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 World Championship in the dramatic last race of the season on 12th December in Abu Dhabi. F1Maximaal's articles were at the top of the Google News results, leading to 20,000 real-time visitors to the website, but the website continued to perform at lightning speed.

"When there were traffic peaks in the past, we were worried the website would go down or get really slow. We don't have to worry about this anymore. We know that our websites remain fast when there is a lot of traffic.

"Another benefit I see is that we are always ahead of the competition with the constant development of new features. For example, we see more and more traffic coming from Google Discover because Newsifier is constantly optimizing the CMS for Google Discover."

Editors can work faster and get more insights in their performance

"Our editors can work faster because we can post articles with one click to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send as web push notifications via One Signal or mobile app (iOS/Android) push notifications. Also, adding social media posts or related articles can be done in just one click."

Another benefit of using Newsifier is to be able to see easily see which are the best performing editors from our team. This data helps us to give valuable feedback to them. Also, every editor has a dashboard with an overview of their best and worst-performing articles to help make our editors more successful and builds a performance-based culture.

More page views because of A/B test and inserting related articles

"Because of the built-in A/B test functionality where editors test two headlines simultaneously, we are getting more page views, and the editors are learning better which headlines work best. Also, adding related articles within the text with two clicks is helping us to increase the number of articles visitors are reading during a visit.

A/B testing of headlines helps to maximize page views

Starting a new cycling news website with millions of page views

The success of F1Maximaal made Valkering Media decide to launch another new website on the Newsifier platform: the cycling news website The website was set up within a week. The smart SEO optimizations of Newsifier's system helped to grow Indeleiderstrui exponentially to one of the bigger sports websites in the Netherlands, with millions of page views per month.